The REIWA lease is like free sand

//The REIWA lease is like free sand

The REIWA lease is like free sand

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Have you ever put a “free sand” sign on a pile of yellow sand in your front yard and found that no one took it? However, when you put a “$5 per trailer” sign on it, the sand is gone the next day?

If you do not fall for the “free sand” sign, why should you fall for the “free lease” sign? We understand that you may be reluctant to engage lawyers when it comes to a lease. We also understand that just because you engage the services of a lawyer does not automatically mean you will receive a lease that’s much better than the REIWA lease.

But there is that well-worn cliché about things being too good to be true. While the REIWA lease may be free, it, unfortunately, fails to achieve the objectives that every lease should achieve. The REIWA lease is poorly drafted, fails to address foreseeable events that can often cause disputes and grants too many rights to tenants.

One avoidable dispute could very easily cost you thousands of dollars. You might save money now, but there’s a real chance it will cost you much more in the future.

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