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If you are looking for a property lawyer (Perth) or property lawyer (WA), we can help. We are experts in all things land.

Land law varies in each state. Each state has distinct rules that set them apart from each other. If you own land in Perth or WA, you need a property lawyer (Perth).

Who do we help as property lawyers?

You can tell whether a lease is out of date by the language it uses.

Selling Land

When you sell land, many owners use a standard form called the “General Conditions for the sale of land”. This is ok in most cases. But the General Conditions have a focus on residential land. In such a case, you need to include special clauses that vary the General Conditions.

Standard form leases may look good, but they expose you to claims.

Leasing Land
What is the cost?

We fix the cost of most of our contracts.

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If you need a property lawyer (WA), please contact us.

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