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Justice Legal is a law firm based in Perth, WA. Property law and land law (WA) are our focus. We are land lawyers (WA).

If you are selling or leasing land in Perth or WA, you need a lawyer from WA. We can help you sell land and let land in WA. We are experts in contracts for the sale of land and lease of land. This is our main focus.

Some owners of land in WA will often use land lawyers from the eastern states. The problem with this is that land law is different in WA. You need a lawyer who knows land law (WA).

You also need a lawyer who focuses on property law. Law firms say they do property law. But they often do not focus on it. They will do a lot of things, which you can often see on their websites. The problem with this is that it is hard to keep up to date with change. Their contracts become old and out of date.

Perth has different property laws to other States.

What does Justice Legal do?

We draft the lease and the sale contract. And we make sure that they protect you as landlord or seller as much as we can. A proper contract will transfer risk to the tenant or buyer. It will also reduce disputes. This is what we do.

Handshake deals create big risks.

Sometimes, a client will ask us to advise on terms such as the sale price or the rent amount. We cannot do this. This is the role of the real estate agent and other experts. They will guide you through how to agree on commercial terms. Once these terms are known, our role is to add them to the contract.

We will explain the contract to you if you require. Some lawyers will not do this. Our goal is to provide value to you. We want you to feel good about us and your contract.

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