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Industrial Lease WA | Industrial Tenancy Agreement WA

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Need to prepare an industrial lease (WA) or industrial tenancy agreement (WA)? If you are the landlord or the agent, we can help you prepare the lease.

An industrial tenancy agreement (WA) is a lease for industrial land. It may also be known as an industrial lease agreement (WA).

Industrial Lease Agreement (WA)

Industrial sites are not all the same and come in all shapes, sizes and uses.

One big issue with industrial sites is contamination.

Although, in the case of a service station, you would want the tenant to fix contamination.

Notice is also crucial. The lease should require the tenant to tell you if the tenant has breached the law. It should also require the tenant to pass on legal notices from other sources. For example, an authority.

We are local

Why WA? Leasing law in Perth and WA is the same. Leasing law in other States differs. We only prepare leases in Perth and WA.

How much does a lease cost?

The lease cost depends on what you require. In most cases, we fix the cost.

If you need an industrial lease agreement (WA), contact us to get a quote.

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