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Commercial Tenancy Agreement (WA)

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Do you need a Commercial Tenancy Agreement (WA)? If you are a landlord or an agent, we can help you draft a lease.

We can help with all types of leases. If you own a warehouse, we can prepare a lease for this. We can also prepare a lease for a retail shop. And we can prepare a lease for an office.

Can I sign up a tenant before I build a site?
What should a lawyer include in a lease?

There are many things to keep in mind with a lease. Some tips about the payment of rent and costs are here. If the site is an industrial site, see here. There are lots of other things.

One is a bond. A lease should make the tenant pay a bond. This could be in the form of a ‘bank guarantee’ or a cash deposit. If the tenant then defaults under the terms of the lease, you should be able to claim against the bond.

What does a lease cost?

This depends on what you need. We fix the costs in most cases.

Please contact us to get a quote if you need a Commercial Tenancy Agreement (WA).

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