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Need commercial property lawyers (Perth)? We can help protect you when you own commercial property. We have a special focus on leasing and sale contracts.

When do you need commercial property lawyers (Perth)?

You need a property lawyer when you are leasing or selling land. This is to ensure that you protect your rights as the landlord or seller. If you do not, you are taking the risk of problems down the track. For instance, it could lead to a dispute and court action. This can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It is cheaper to avoid this risk than to take the risk.

What do commercial property lawyers do?

We prepare the lease or sale contract. More importantly, we provide you with piece of mind. We can help prevent a buyer coming back later blaming you for not checking the zoning for the land. We can help you avoid thousands of dollars storing goods when a tenant leaves them behind. You can feel safe and secure knowing that you have a contract that protects your interests.

Who do you need as commercial property lawyers?

This leads to mistakes. For instance, the contracts fail to address well-known issues. For instance, does the sale price include or exclude GST? What happens when a tenant abandons the lease premises? What happens when a landlord wants to install solar and sell it to the tenant? If the contract does not cover these issues, it is the landlord that loses.

If you want to avoid these sorts of losses, please contact us. We can help prepare contracts that protect you.

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