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Commercial Lease Agreement (WA)

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Need to prepare a commercial lease agreement (WA)? If you are the landlord or the agent, we can help you prepare the lease.

Types of land

Even a humble warehouse or workshop needs an effective lease.

What if you are letting only part of the land? This may be where you own several sites on the same lot. This may also occur in buildings with more than one office or floors. No problem. Our lease caters for this case as well.

We are happy to answer questions about what a lease should include.

What should a commercial lease agreement (WA) include?

The goal is to have the tenant pay for all costs. But the law does limit what the landlord can claim in some cases. For instance, the law limits what the landlord can claim under a retail lease.

There are many other things to take note of. For more tips on what a lease should include, see here.

What is the cost of a lease?

The cost of a lease depends on what you need. In most cases, we fix the cost.

Contact us to get a quote.

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