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About Tristan Cockman

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  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Diploma in Energy and the Environment
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) Politics & International Studies and Public Policy & Management (double major)

Tristan Cockman is a commercial lawyer who specialises in clean energy, real estate and property contracts and providing legal advice for clients in the sustainability industry in Western Australia. Prior to commencing his own business, he was a commercial lawyer at a top tier firm for 10 years.

Tristan is one of few commercial lawyers with property and energy experience. Given the growing market trend towards the self-supply of energy in property and land development and the ongoing deregulation of energy supply, Tristan is uniquely qualified to provide advice in the property and energy industries.

Apart from Tristan’s career in law, he has been an active member of the community for many years, accumulating a wealth of experience in policy development.

In 2012, he completed a Diploma in Energy and the Environment specialising in Climate Change and has contributed to policy development in areas including transport, planning, clean energy and waste management.

In 2015, he co-authored a paper relating to sustainability infrastructure in strata title and submitted it to Landgate as part of Landgate’s strata title reforms.

Outside of work, Tristan plays indoor cricket.

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