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Justice Legal – Commercial Leasing Lawyers

Do you need commercial leasing lawyers? If you are the landlord or the leasing agent, we can help you prepare the lease. Leasing is what we do.

How much does your commercial lease save you?

This may seem like a strange question. But we live in a world where people are prone to complain. And they know that there is someone out there who will help them. This is as true for leases as anything else.

These days, a tenant will take you to court which can take years. Even if the tenant’s claim is weak, you can lose tens of thousands of dollars fighting it. Even if you win, you will not get back 100% of your costs.

And there is no guarantee that the tenant will pay costs at all if they cannot afford it. It is like walking a tightrope.

Getting a result from court action is like walking a tightrope.

This is not just a risk for the landlord. There has also been a growing trend of tenants suing the agent. A lot of the time, this is based on what the agent said (or allegedly said) before the lease. In some cases, such as breach of consumer laws, there is nothing the lease can do about it. This is where the laws prevent you from contracting out. But in other cases, the buck stops with the lease.

Drafting must be on target at all times.

You need commercial leasing lawyers that understand this risk

You need a lease that is precise. The lease must use consistent terms. It must cover off on known events and risks. Above all else, it must take account of trends. The law changes over time. So does technology. And as we set out above, so does the behaviour of tenants.

We are commercial leasing lawyers. This is what we do. We draft our lease with precision. We use consistent terms. We keep our lease up to date and take account of trends. We help protect you from dodgy tenants. By doing these things, we help reduce the risk of claims.

Help avoid this risk. Contact us today to prepare a lease for you.

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